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Answers To Questions Frequently Asked About Criminal Defense

Last updated on November 24, 2023

Do I need a lawyer, even for a minor charge?
No charge is minor. Convictions, even for misdemeanors, can damage your future. Always take the time to speak to a lawyer to learn about your options.

How Quickly Should I Call A Lawyer?

The simple answer is – immediately. Even if you haven’t been arrested, and are only a “person of interest,” the sooner you have a lawyer on your side, the more time he or she will have to learn about your case and prepare a solid defense. Remember, you’re never required to speak to the police without your lawyer present.

Should I Take A Plea Bargain And Move On?

Plea bargains are not in the best interest of many people. Even if pleading guilty is your best option, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to fight for a lesser charge or sentence. Invoke your right to legal counsel and allow a lawyer to fight for your freedom.

What If I Was Coerced Into Confessing?

This is a far more common scenario than people realize. Police often use questionable tactics to obtain a confession. If you believe you were coerced into confessing, a criminal defense lawyer can help. It’s imperative you contact your lawyer before any plea deal or jury conviction.

If You Have Been Arrested, Call Us To Discuss Your Case

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