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Have You Or A Loved One Suffered A Dog Bite Or Dog Attack?

If you have been the victim of a dog attack in the Seekonk, Fall River, Freetown, Swansea, Dartmouth, or Westport area, Sabra Law, has the attorneys and expertise necessary to help ensure that you receive the best treatment and the highest possible settlement.

Most recently a nine-year-old child was bitten by a chained dog on the defendant’s premises in the Seekonk area. The attack resulted in a scar on his face. Attorney Sabra was responsible for the case and after filing a court action the case eventually resulted in a $153,111 award.

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about dog bites or attacks.

If I Get A Dog Bite, Am I Entitled To Compensation?

Dog owners are legally responsible when their dog bites or causes injury to someone. This means that if someone’s dog injures you, the medical bills are the owner’s responsibility, as well as any pain and suffering that you experienced. The attorney’s responsibility for dog bite cases is to take all of this into consideration and build a case that will cover the medical care needed to fix the bite, but also any other damages that occurred due to the attack.

Does A Dog Attack Injury Give Me The Right To Payment?

There are dozens of different consequences that can come from a canine attack, and because the owners of the dog are responsible for the actions of their pet, they are also responsible for taking care of the victim of their animal. A dog attack may leave scarring or disfigurement depending on how severe the bite is. The victim of the attack may need plastic surgery to repair damage. In addition, victims may also experience a permanent fear of dogs, which can interfere with their daily life or activities. No matter what form of pain or suffering the attack caused, our local Fall River area lawyers are here for you to guarantee the most beneficial outcome for your case.

How Do Fall River Homeowners Take Responsibility For Their Pets?

If you have a dog and you are worried about what would happen if your pet hurt someone, you can ease your mind. There are lots of different ways homeowners can make sure their insurance takes the actions of their animals into consideration. Speak with your insurance provider about the details in your homeowner policy, umbrella coverage, and liability coverage.

An umbrella policy provides liability coverage for injuries, damages and losses that are not covered by a person’s primary insurance (i.e., an umbrella would cover a dog bite that is not covered by the dog owner’s homeowner policy). An excess policy gives a higher policy limit for losses covered by the primary insurance. A dog owner liability insurance policy is another option for dog owners. All in all, there are several options to safeguard the financial interest of their family, while taking responsibility for their dog.

How Should I Prepare To Sue?

It is crucial that evidence of the attack is preserved and that investigative measures are taken for proof of the injury or damage. Filing a report with law enforcement, as well as going to the doctor and recording the injuries, operations, and medical care are necessary. Expert witness testimony is a good method to strengthen the case as well, and consulting multiple doctors or surgeons may allow for further compilation of information that will help make sure that the best possible payment is agreed upon.

How Does Sabra Law, Help To Win Damages To Cover The Medical Bills Needed For A Dog Bite?

Our lawyers will make sure you know the process of how to sue for a dog bite and stand by you at every step of the way. We are fully committed to promoting your best interests and making sure that you get the payments due to you to cover your medical costs and help compensate for the trauma of the dog attack.

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