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Answers To Questions Frequently Asked About Dealing With An Insurance Company

Last updated on November 24, 2023

Following An Accident, Aren’t I Entitled To Compensation?

What you have to realize is that insurance companies aren’t in the business of paying out claims. If they were, they’d be out of business. Insurance companies will pay the least amount possible (and often nothing at all) if they believe they’ll get away with it.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Bad faith occurs when a provider violates a portion of the covenant that all companies should operate on good faith and fair dealings. Examples of this include failing to offer a settlement, offering a settlement that’s less than the rightful amount, denying coverage, failing to respond promptly, and requiring excessive documentation.

How Long Should The Process Take To Deal With Insurance Companies?

If you choose to take on the companies on your own, chances are the process will take much longer than you wish. Work with a trusted attorney who knows the laws and will hold the companies responsible for their duties to you.

Let Us Do The Negotiating

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