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$4.27 MILLION – Electrocution Case - Personal Injury/Worker's Compensation

A worker lowering a ladder was electrocuted and suffered severe burns and amputations as a result of improperly mounted high voltage wires.  Permanent injuries prevented the 29-year-old man from ever returning to work as a roofer.  Attorney Sabra obtained a settlement for the worker with a present value of $3.15 million.  Attorney Sabra also negotiated a settlement of his worker’s compensation claim with a guaranteed benefit of $1,121,925.00 and an estimated lifetime benefit of $2,250,475.00.  For more read: Worker’s Comp Settlement, Second Chance Article

$3 Million – Judgment Against Bar/Restaurant

A 26-year-old woman injured in a motor vehicle accident with a drunk driver.  Multiple injuries including fractured nose, hip dislocation, shattered pelvis, fractured ankle, and internal bruising.  Medical bills of approximately $190,000.00 and lost wages of $15,000.00. Plaintiff returned to work in six months.  Claim brought against the motor vehicle operator as well as the liquor liability defendant.  Liquor liability corporate defendant defaulted.  Case proceeded on a Motion to Assess Damages. Judgment of $3,000,000 entered against corporate defendant.

Wrongful Death And Injury Of Motorcyclists

Multiple fatality and injury motorcycle accident with $1 Million policy limit mediated in Federal Court among 10 claimants. $675,000.00 divided equally among 7 estates($96,429 for our estate) and $30,000.00 to a surviving motorcyclist with fractured pelvis. No other insurance policy available.

$895,000 - Wrongful death

Wrongful death case involving a pedestrian in a cross walk.


“The 81 year old decedent was crossing the street in a crosswalk when she was struck by a motor vehicle driven by the defendant.

At the scene the decedent was conscious and remained so for approximately 90 minutes, but later died of multiple internal injuries at a trauma hospital within three hours of the accident.

The daughter of the decedent suffered a loss of her mother’s society, companionship and comfort as a result of her death.

The plaintiff alleged that the defendant was negligent in his failure to keep a proper look out, failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, and use of a cell phone in his hand in violation of the law.

The defendant did not contest liability but hired an expert to contest conscious pain and suffering and life expectancy based on the decedent’s underlying medical condition. Suit was filed and the matter was resolved at mediation approximately one year after the accident.”

$854,000 – Rhode Island - Personal Injury/Worker’s Compensation/Product Liability

A worker sustained a severe crushing injury to his right dominant hand while operating a press machine during the course of his employment. Attorney Aspden obtained a settlement against the manufacturer of the machine in the amount of $490,000 and then settled the worker’s compensation claim for $364,000.

$850,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident - Personal Injury/Worker’s Compensation

A tanker truck driver was involved in a motor vehicle accident as a result of the negligence of another driver on Route 24.  Attorney Sabra obtained permanent and total disability benefits for the injured worker and eventually settled the worker’s compensation case for a present value of $750,000. In addition, Attorney Sabra pursued a case against the negligent driver and obtained a policy limit offer of $100,000.  A petition was filed in the Bristol County Superior Court for approval of the settlement.  Attorney Sabra was successful in persuading the judge to approve the settlement with no money going to the worker’s compensation insurance carrier to satisfy their lien.

Slip And Fall Of Disabled Adult: $600,000.00

Traumatic brain injury and fractured skull of disabled adult while under the care of a day program.

$550,000 – Disabled Adult Chokes To Death

A severely disabled 21-year old man choked to death in the care of a residential facility. Attorney Sabra filed court action for lack of supervision, negligence and wrongful death. After extensive litigation, the case was settled at mediation for the sum of $550,000.

$450,000 Settlement For Non-Union Carpenter Who Injured Knee Stepping Off Bench

A 61 year old non-union carpenter sustained a left quadriceps tendon rupture when he stepped off an aluminum bench. While at home from the injury, his other quadriceps tendon ruptured. The insurer accepted both knee injuries as work related. Attorney Sabra obtained a settlement for the worker’s compensation claim for $450,000.

Worker’s Compensation: $390,000.00

Laborer suffered injury to his shoulder and hand in a fall. Employee had two surgeries on shoulder. Worker’s Comp insurer will be responsible for payment of future medical bills related to the injury. Employee is now on Social Security Disability.

Elevator Trip And Fall: $375,000.00

Client sustained leg injuries. Lawsuit filed against elevator company and condo association. Elevator expert and medical expert hired to prove claim.

Worker’s Compensation: $300,000.00

Employee was an electrician when he fell from a roof sustaining multiple fractures. Employee was in-patient at a hospital for 10 days and discharged to a rehabilitation center for one month. Employee has recovered and has returned to gainful employment.

Wrongful Death Of Disabled Child: $200,000.00

delay in treatment by caregivers for disabled minor child.

Worker’s Compensation : $155,000.00

Employee sustained lower back injury and returned to work but reinjured his lower back. In addition to the Worker’s Compensation settlement, the employee is now on Social Security Disability.

Worker’s Compensation: $145,000.00

Lump sum settlement of $130,000.00 for foot injury, plus additional $15,000.00 for resultant limp. Settlement includes payment of future medical bills related to the injury.

Slip And Fall: $125,000.00

Fall on snow and ice resulting in hand injury.

Worker’s Compensation: $125,000.00

69 year old woman sustained arm injury at work. The worker’s comp insurer will continue to pay future medical bills related to the injury.

Worker’s Compensation: $120,000.00

67 year old manager suffered neck injury, disc herniation at C5-C6, with no surgery. Settlement represents more than 4 years of benefits paid up front. The Worker’s Compensation insurer will continue to pay for medical expenses related to the injury.

Motor Vehicle Accident: $100,000.00

73 year old injured in accident caused by impaired driver recovered policy limit from at-fault driver in the amount of $25,000. Claim based on multiple injuries including aggravation of knee condition leading to knee replacement. Then claim filed against underinsurance carrier for available $75,000 in coverage went to arbitration because $0 was offered. Arbitrator’s award was $130,000.

Pedestrian/Motor Vehicle Accident: $100,000.00

female struck in parking lot suffered shoulder injury that required surgery. Policy limit of $100,000.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident: $100,000.00

Elderly pedestrian struck by motor vehicle suffering leg injury. Settled for policy limit within nine months.

Slip And Fall: $95,000.00

Fall on black ice in commercial parking lot resulting in knee injuries.

Slip And Fall At Supermarket: $90,000.00

female slipped on wet floor in produce section injuring hand that required surgery.

Worker’s Compensation: $80,000.00

Employee sustained knee injury while restraining client. Worker’s Compensation insurer will pay future medical expenses related to the injury.

Worker’s Compensation: $70,000.00

Employee truck driver sustained shoulder injury.

Slip And Fall: $65,000.00

Employee brought third party claim for slip and fall against property owner for shoulder injury while in the course of his employment.

Motor Vehicle Accident: $65,000.00

Soft tissue injuries to female after MVA with pre-existing medical conditions.

Worker’s Compensation: $55,000.00

Auto mechanic suffered injury to his right index finger. Settlement represents approximately 3 years of future benefits paid up front. Insurer will continue to pay medical bills related to the injury.

Worker’s Compensation: $50,000.00

62 year old truck driver suffered injury to his left index finger but did not require surgery. Worker’s Compensation insurer terminated his benefits. Case settled shortly before Conference.

Motor Vehicle accident: $50,000.00

Arm injury settled for policy limit within two months.

Worker’s Compensation: $50,000.00

Older employee sustained contusion to knee.

Motor Vehicle Accident: $50,000.00

Employee brought third party claim for injuries sustained aggravating a pre-existing condition while operating a motor vehicle in the course of their employment. Case settled for policy limit.

Motor Vehicle Accident: $50,000.00

Client sustained ankle injury when struck by a vehicle that was backing up. Case settled for policy limit within 6 weeks.

Slip And Fall At supermarket: $30,000.00

aggravation and exacerbation of pre-existing back condition.