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Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation

Do All Employers Carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Nearly every single business must have worker’s comp insurance. Farming businesses are one of the more prominent exceptions, or if you’re the only employee of your business.

Can’t I Just File A Lawsuit Against My Employer?

Worker’s comp was created, in part, to ensure payment for medical treatment and lost wages following an accident. It serves as a compromise for both parties. You have the surety of recovering your claim, while your employer can’t raise legal defenses to defeat your claim (as he could if the claim was a lawsuit).

Who Decides If A Claim Is Paid?

The final decider is typically the worker’s comp insurer. Your employer may dispute a claim (often times if it’s believed the injury was not work-related). However, the final say is typically in the hands of the insurer.

What Happens If A Worker’s Comp Insurance Carrier No Longer Exists?

Employees are still protected if a carrier goes out of business or files for bankruptcy.

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