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Answers To Questions We Are Frequently Asked About Motor Vehicle Accidents

Last updated on November 24, 2023

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Should I Talk To The Police Following An Accident?

Yes, it’s important that you do talk to the police, to get your side on record. However, be sure to stick to the facts. Never take the blame for the accident, and avoid accusations. State the facts for the record, so that these facts can be used later on.

What’s The Best Way To Respond, Following An Accident?

Despite being an extremely stressful time, it’s important that you adhere to certain guidelines following an accident. This includes calling an ambulance if there are injuries, moving your car out of the lane of traffic (if possible), calling police, collecting the names and contact information of any witnesses and others involved in the accident, and taking photographs of the scene (including skid marks, damage, injuries and road obstructions).

How Do I Best Handle Insurance Companies Following An Accident?

We recommend that you promptly contact your insurance company following an accident, but again, avoid taking (or assigning) blame. Do not, however, have any communication with any other insurance company. Allow your motor vehicle accident lawyer to discuss matters with the other insurance company involved. Even if they call you directly, forward them to your lawyer.

What If I Think I’m Partially At Fault?

Although you were directly involved in the accident, you are not the best judge of assessing fault or blame. You should never accept or assign blame, as that can be used against you in the future. A thorough investigation conducted by the police, and your lawyer, will determine the real cause.