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What Do I Do If I’m A Victim Of A Slip and Fall Accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2015 | Personal Injury, Slip & Fall Accidents

An accident can happen at any time, and often times at no fault of your own. In the Greater Fall River area, slip and fall accidents are among the most common personal injuries occurred. If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, what should you do in order to ensure that you get just compensation, if you decide to seek legal action?

Allow us to recommend 3 steps you should follow immediately following your slip and fall.

  1. The camera is your friend.

If you’re the victim of a slip and fall accident, then taking pictures of the scene of the accident is your pivotal first step. These days, thanks to cell phones, nearly everyone has access to a camera and video camera right inside their pockets. We recommend you photograph the defect that caused the accident. This could be:

  • Icy spots with no salt and sand
  • A hole
  • Broken stair
  • Malfunctioning railing

However, when you take your pictures, you should step back from the scene. Make sure you have a wide angle, so that it’s easier to gain perspective. Often times we’re handed photographs where the victim stood right over the defect, getting as close as possible. That can actually be problematic as we try to use these pictures as evidence to support your claim.

  1. Seek medical treatment quickly.

If you are injured in Fall River, MA, from a slip and fall accident, you must seek medical treatment fairly quickly. Do not delay this step, and here’s why. Firstly, if there is an insurance company involved as part of the defense (and you can assume there will be), they’ll ask why you waited so long to seek treatment. If you were injured (they’d say) then why wait a week, or even a month? This does not bode well for you.

However, it’s also important to create historical data; think of it as a paper trail. When you go to the hospital, they’ll ask how you were injured. If you provide consistent information that falls in line with your claim, then you’re strengthening your case. If, however, you say something like, “I’m not sure how I was injured,” then that can work against you as you build your case.

  1. Give notice to the property owner.

The third step you should take if injured in a fall is to give notice to the property owner regarding your claim. Don’t delay this either.

However, when you give notice to the property owner, we recommend you not give a statement. Often times what occurs is once you give notice, an insurance adjuster will ask you to make a statement. Don’t do so. You’re not legally required to offer a statement, and more likely than not that statement will serve to help the other side. The only time you should offer a statement is if you’re in the presence of your attorney.

Above all else, look for a personal injury attorney in Greater Fall River

The three steps outlined above are essential in order to preserve your case if you choose to seek legal action. However, equally as important is to contact a Fall River Personal Injury Lawyer, who can offer you guidance and support throughout this process.

Your attorney will let you know if your case is winnable, and will protect you against the unsavory strategies employed by insurance companies. If you or someone you know are the victim of a slip and fall accident in Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, Westport, Taunton or New Bedford, contact the Law Offices of Sabra and Aspden to learn how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.