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Why would a workers’ compensation claim get denied?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

A workplace accident can cause injuries that leave you unable to work for several days, weeks or even months. The workers’ compensation system can provide benefits that help you recover and provide compensation for lost wages.

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, workers’ compensation can include payments to cover your medical bills, lost wages and vocational rehabilitation if you need support returning to the workforce. But even if you have a rightful claim, there are situations where the insurer may deny your claim to benefits.

Failure to report in time

You need to report your workplace injury as soon as possible. Otherwise, the workers’ compensation insurer may assume you do not really have an injury. If you become injured at work, report your injury to your supervisor and complete an accident report as soon as possible.

Accident report and medical records discrepancies

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer may deny your claim if your statements about the accident conflict with medical records. For example, if you tell your doctor and supervisor two different things about the accident, this can hurt your case.

Unwitnessed injury

Sometimes, accidents happen and no one else is there to see them. If this happens to you, make sure you tell your co-workers and employer about the injury, remaining consistent with what you report.

If you receive a denial on your workers’ compensation claim, you can appeal this decision. This will allow the insurer to review your case again, often with additional information, and determine if you have a right to claim workers’ compensation benefits.