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Slip and Fall Injuries Inside a Building – Do You Have a Claim in Fall River?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2016 | Personal Injury, Slip & Fall Accidents

Many times, when people think of slip and fall cases, they instinctively think about accidents that happen outside of a property. This includes slipping on icy sidewalks or walkways, or tripping over a pothole in the street.

However, these aren’t the only slip and fall injuries we see occur throughout the Greater Fall River area. In fact, from Somerset to Swansea, and throughout all of Bristol County, slip and fall injuries that occur inside an establishment is just as common.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident inside a commercial establishment, do you have a claim? Let’s break it down.

Understanding slip and fall liability law in Massachusetts

There are typically a couple of reasons why you might fall while inside a commercial establishment:

  1. It’s possible that the floor was wet as you entered the building
  2. There’s also the possibility that some type of spilled substance (often times in a supermarket) has caused the floor to get slippery

In either instance, there are some factors to consider before assuming you have a claim. The first factor is:

How long was the floor wet?

This is a key finding – one we investigate and research greatly for our cases. That’s because if the floor had just recently become wet, then it’s possible that the courts would assume the commercial establishment did not have a reasonable amount of time to remedy the situation.

If, however, the floor has been wet for some time (a spill in aisle 3 happened more than 5 minutes ago, or the entrance of a store has been wet all morning) then it’s quite possible that you have a viable claim.

Another factor to consider is:

Was there a wet floor sign up?

Again, we can refer to “how long was the floor wet” to get to the bottom of this. If the floor just recently got wet, then it’s likely that the commercial establishment didn’t have a reasonable amount of time to:

  • Dry/clean the floor or
  • Put up a warning sign

If a sign is up, then that usually eliminates the commercial establishment’s liability. However, that’s not always the case, which is why it’s still worth taking your case to a Fall River personal injury lawyer, who can determine the viability of a claim.

Work with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Fall River

Sadly, slip and fall cases are not cut and dry in Massachusetts. The burden of proof is on the injured party to demonstrate that the commercial establishment was aware of the state of the floor and had a reasonable amount of time to, at the very least, put up a warning sign.

Regardless, an experienced personal injury lawyer, like the lawyers at Sabra Law, will work hard to determine the viability of your claim so that you get proper compensation for your injuries.

We encourage you to contact us today at, 508-286-7122 or visit out offices in Somerset, MA (1026 County Street) to learn more about how we can represent you or someone you know who was injured in a slip and fall inside a commercial establishment.