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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Swansea, MA Criminal Defense Lawyer

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Hiring a lawyer can be an overwhelming and stressful time, especially if you’ve just suffered a personal injury or are facing criminal charges. But despite the added stress that led to your need for an attorney, it’s important to remember that hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Swansea entails more than just calling the first person you find by a simple Google search.

In particular, there are three things to consider when hiring an effective Swansea, MA lawyer:

Overall experience – A good rule of thumb is the more complex a case you have, the more experience you want your lawyer to have. If you’re dealing with insurance companies (and their band of seasoned attorneys) then you’ll want someone who has experience going head-to-head against these large firms.

Newer lawyers are typically less costly than seasoned ones, which is why if your case is straightforward and simple, you might not want (or need) to go with someone with decades under their belt. But that investment is more than worth it if your case is complex.

Experience with your type of case – If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’ll want someone not only with extensive experience as an attorney, but specifically, you’ll want a lawyer with hands-on experience as a personal injury lawyer in Swansea.

Practicing law is like practicing medicine, in that there are very specific specialties within the field. A Real Estate lawyer simply doesn’t have the type of background to handle a complex workers’ compensation case. Make sure you find an attorney who specializes in your case.

Is the lawyer a good fit? – Your lawyer isn’t your cab driver; they’re not someone who’ll waltz in your life for a few minutes, and then waltz right out. Your relationship with your Swansea attorney has to be solid, which is why you’ll want to hire a lawyer whom you can trust and feel comfortable around.

There are a few ways to gauge your comfort level with your attorney. Firstly, spend time with the lawyer before you agree to hire him. Ask questions and pay attention to the lawyer’s responses. As he or she offers responses, observe the following:

  1. Does the attorney take time to explain unfamiliar concepts?
  2. Do you agree with the strategy the attorney has outlined?
  3. What type of gut feeling did you get when talking with the attorney?

We also encourage you to ask for feedback from past clients. If possible, talk to these clients directly to gauge their reactions to working with the criminal defense attorney.

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