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Delivery Persons and Slip and Fall Claims in Greater Fall River – What You Should Know

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2016 | Personal Injury, Slip & Fall Accidents

Delivery men and women throughout the South Shore (including Fall River, Swansea, Somerset, Freetown, Westport, Dighton and all of Bristol County) have a lot of obstacles to contend with over the course of any given day. One of the most dangerous potentials out there is a slip and fall accident.

These slip and fall events are exasperated during the winter – when snow and ice enter the fray. However, delivery persons in Fall River and beyond are at risk of injuring themselves on the job – due to property owner negligence – throughout the year.

What every delivery person should ask him/herself if they slip and fall on the job

Where did you fall?

Did you fall on private property? Or did the fall take place on a public way, such as a sidewalk? As we’ve mentioned before, in Massachusetts municipalities are only obligated to pay out up to $5,000 for slip and fall cases, even if your damages exceed that amount. Private property owners, however, do not have that cap. If your fall took place, specifically, on private property, you have a far greater chance of getting the compensation you deserve from the negligent property owner.

What caused you to fall?

It’s imperative that you are clear what the cause of your fall was. Was it snow or ice? Perhaps it was some other type of defect, such as a hole in the ground, poorly constructed stairs, or no railings along the staircase. You have the burden of proof to demonstrate that property owner negligence was the sole factor of your fall, thus identifying and documenting the source of your fall will only help to strengthen your claim.

Did the property owner have enough time to address the defect?

If it’s snowing heavily outside, property owners can’t be expected to be able to keep up with Mother Nature and keep their driveways or walkways completely clear. The same goes for certain defects, such as if a stair has just broken. If, however, there are no railings on a staircase, this is a perfect example of a defect that the property owner had plenty of time to address. Your Fall River personal injury lawyer should be able to help you determine if your case will pass the scrutiny of this particular question.

Avenues you can take to get compensation for your slip and fall in Fall River, MA

If you are a delivery person in Fall River, Somerset, or anywhere in Bristol County, and you suffer a slip and fall injury while on the job, you have two channels you can pursue:

  1. File a workman’s compensation claim
  2. File a 3rd party claim against the negligent property owner (if applicable)

How do you know if your claim will hold up? We strongly suggest you reach out to a qualified slip and fall attorney in Fall River. At the Office of Sabra Law, we vigorously fight for maximum recovery. We invest in investigators, medical experts and more in order to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

With more than 35 years of experience serving the Greater Fall River area, we’re certain we’ll deliver the results you deserve. Contact us today – at 508-286-7122 – to learn more, or we encourage you to visit our law offices, located at 1026 County Street, Somerset, MA 02726.