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What You Shouldn’t Do Following a Car Accident in Fall River

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2017 | Auto Accident


Most motorists find themselves in at least one car accident during their lives. If it happens, it’s easy to panic. However, in the aftermath of the crash, it’s important to keep your cool because impulsive behavior can lead to bad decisions. Be careful with everything you do and say. You don’t want to potentially affect any legal proceedings you may be involved in because it could have negative lifelong consequences.


1. Leave the scene

Getting into a car crash is scary, but it’s important to stay at the scene. After the accident, check to see if anyone involved is injured and, if someone looks hurt, call emergency services immediately. You shouldn’t ever leave because you could be charged with hit and run even if you did not cause the accident. Or, if found at fault, there are penalties in Massachusetts for drivers that have left the scene of an accident.

2. Avoid police

On the surface sometimes an accident seems minor, but there could be vehicle damage or personal injury that is not visible. Always call the police. The officers will examine the scene and note down the circumstances and details relating to the accident. If there are legal proceedings down the road, the police report will be invaluable, especially if you are hurt and need to hire a personal injury lawyer. The report may contain information relating to the other driver committing a moving violation or other infraction that could help your case or speed up the claims process.

3. Take blame for the accident

Even if you think you might have been at fault for the crash, never admit fault. If you do, you could accidentally incriminate yourself or reduce the other driver’s responsibility for the accident. Before giving any kind of statement, consult with a car accident attorney. He or she can help determine if you will be faced with any liability issues or are due any compensation.

4. Talk to the other driver’s representatives

After the accident, you are likely to be contacted and asked for information by the other driver’s insurance company or attorney. Politely refer them to your lawyer and insurance company. The most you should do in the aftermath of the accident is exchange driver and insurance information with the other party. Let your representatives take care of the rest.

5. Don’t lie about medications

If you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medication, be honest, not evasive. You may be required to take a chemical test after the accident and this will show anything in your system. If you’ve lied, this will make you look really bad.

In Massachusetts, there were a total of 108,379 car crashes in 2012, 4,384 of those involved in the accidents that year sustained serious injuries. If you are in a car crash and are injured or faced with a liability issue, a car accident lawyer can help. He or she will represent you through the legal process to ensure you are treated fairly and/or make sure you receive fair compensation for any damages or suffering.