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Construction Workers: What Do You Do if Injured on the Job?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

construction workers injured on job

Construction workers are normally qualified to receive reimbursements if they are injured on the job. 
You could get compensation for the medical expenses incurred because of the injury and a small number of construction workers receive indemnification for their lost revenue. A claim for compensation needs the construction worker to prove that the injury was gotten from the job. The most typical injuries are caused from hitting by falling object or load and falling from a high place.


The responsibility for a construction injury lawsuit against third-party could comprise of the contractor, subcontractor, owner of the site, manufacturer of the defective product and any other third-party directly related to the injury.
The amount of control the owner of a construction site and the contractors have will be the condition for their responsibility in the injury that happened under their watch. Construction workers are supposed to be given a safe working environment and warned of any innate dangers associated with the line of work.Safety rules should be imposed and supervised by engineers and architects on duty.


In the case where the injury from the accident is caused by the wrongdoing or carelessness of a third-party, official documentation will be necessary to make claims.
Keep records of everything from the site of the accident, statements from witnesses, medical records, evidence in photographs and all other information that could be helpful. The construction injury lawyer will need this information to place a strong case legally. Third-party lawsuits concerning construction injuries are:

  • Lawsuit for product liability lawsuit: An injury caused by a product that was not properly labeled or a faulty product can be treated with a product liability suit. The manufacturer and maybe the distributors of that product can be made to pay compensation.
  • Lawsuit for fatal construction injury and wrongful death: A wrongful death claim can be filed by the family of a construction worker who was fatally injured by wrongdoing or carelessness of third-party. More than one lawsuit can be filed at the same time in some cases.
  • Lawsuit for construction injury: If the construction injury was directly caused by the wrongdoing and carelessness of the third-party, a claim for worker’s compensation and lawsuit for personal injury can be filed together. You have to prove that the third-party was responsible for your safety but failed to deliver and third-party’s wrongdoing and carelessness was the direct source of the injury.


Notable injuries can be caused to a person’s body from accidents on construction sites. Apart from this, some psychological and financial harm is also caused. Compensation for harm done should include the medical costs incurred from the injury as well as other costs that cannot be paid due to loss in revenue because of the accident.
Based on the possible earnings the worker could have made, future earnings can be added to the compensation if the injury caused perpetual incapability to work and disability. The cost for surgery, continued visits to the doctor, purchase of prescribed medication, hospital bills and therapy for rehabilitation are some of the urgent matters compensation taken care of.

Based on the type and scope of the injury, emotional trauma and suffering can be added to the compensation. It is best to involve a construction injury lawyer immediately when the injury occurs.