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What to do if you slip and fall in a Fall River store

On Behalf of | May 18, 2017 | Slip & Fall Accidents

slip and fall in fall river ma

When you are in a store, you may slip and fall and as a consequence sustain injuries. When such a thing happens to you as a customer, you may have a potential claim or lawsuit.

However, it is important to establish whether there are reasonable grounds to file a claim and against whom the claim will be fined. For the store to be liable for your slip and fall, the store must have been negligent. Beyond this, such negligence should have been the cause of your accident.

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Whether there are clear signs of injuries or not, you should seek medical attention immediately after a slip and fall incident. Your health or that of your loved one should be a priority to you and you should treat it as such. A doctor will examine you for both visible and internal injuries and offer the necessary treatment.

In case you decide to seek compensation, medical records obtained in this way will be important pieces of evidence.


There has to be a reason why you slipped and fell in the store. This is why it is advisable to inspect the area where you fell with the aim of determining the cause of the fall. This could be spilled food, slippery floor, ice, snow or uneven concrete. Such information will help your lawyer to establish if the store is liable for your accident.


Another important step to take would be to identify witnesses and take down their names, addresses and contact detail. Witnesses will include anyone who saw you fall or arrived at the scene immediately after the incident. Testimonies of the witnesses will be invaluable when the parties liable dispute your claims. Other details that you can record are the time and date of the accident, where you were before the fall as well as details of the fall.


If you intend to file a claim against the property owner, you will need all the relevant evidence that you can gather to make a strong case. That is why it is advisable to take photographs of the scene before the conditions change. This will help to prove that the conditions that led to the slip and fall were as a result of the negligence of the property owner. Whether the conditions were temporary or permanent, taking photos will ensure that the owner does not try to change the conditions to their advantage.


When you slip and fall in a store, you should report the accident to the management. All the details of the accident should be captured in writing and presented to the relevant authorities at the store. You should also request the manager to make a written report and give it to you before leaving the store.

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If you intend to take legal action, you should remember that slip and fall accidents are usually quite complex. This is because it is usually difficult to prove the cases. When you call an attorney, they have the resources and expertise to collect the relevant evidence. They will make sure that your interests are represented so that you get the compensation you deserve.

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